Term Dates


Term 1

Monday 30 January -

Saturday 8 April 2017


Term 2

Tuesday 24 April -

Saturday 1 July 2017




Exciting Announcement

Fantastic news - the arrangements and itinerary for our exciting trip to the states have been finalised. This is an exciting opportunity to combine your love of ballet and enjoy some sight seeing. Visit Disneyland, Universal Studios and sight see through Los Angeles and New York. Enjoy performances by the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, watch the Rockettes Christmas extravaganza and experience the Nutcracker in Los Angeles  with the American Ballet Theatre and again in New York wit the New York City Ballet.

Click on the picture of the flyer to get a copy of the Booking form.

If you have any questions or require further details please contact Joanne MacFadyen on 0407 432 520 or 1300 365 688 Ext 672.

Deidre Bronner School of Ballet Concert 2016

Prize winners:

Senior Performance Award - Athena Demetriou

Junior Performance Award - Katherine Pavlakis

Nicole Fitzsimons Scholarship

Senior Award to - Jasmine Penning

Runners up        - Rachel Frecker and Annabelle Sharan

Junior Award to - Ellise Psiroukis

 Runner up         - Caprice Nataly

Special Announcement

Save the date for our exciting trip to the US in December 2017

What a great opportunity to travel and experience ballet and dance in another country. How exciting to be able to see the Nutrcracker danced in Los Angeles and New York - it will be winter in New York, you never know it may even snow. 


Further details on itinerary and features of the trip will be made available at a later date. We will keep you posted.

If you are interested in coming along please register your interest with Joanne McFadyen on 0407 432 520.

Scholarship 2016 Results

Junior Dancer - Olivia Dabboussy
Senior Dancer - Athena Demetriou

Tuesday & Thursday Babies
1st - Rose McCormack
2nd - Ruby Drosos
3rd - Sophia Jokhan
Most Promising - Filia Zorbas

Saturday Babies
1st - Angel Zalghout
2nd - Savannah Connor
Most promising - Savannah Connor

1st - Devina Ralevski
2nd - Ingrid Henderson
3rd - Charlotte Dunimagloski

1st - Emma Frecker
2nd - Angelina Papantoniou
Equal 3rd - Idalia Kouros and Maddison Tapp

Grade 1
Equal 1st - Lenora Devine and Stella Hudson
2nd -  Rhianna Koumarelas
3rd - Maya Ene
4th - Olivia Clonaris

Special Award - Maneesha Bradley

Grade 2
Caprice Nataly
2nd - Ashley Roman
3rd - Summer Douar
Equal 4th - Katherine Pavlakis and Ava Petrovski

Grade 3
1st - Olivia Rickie
2nd - Mary Papanikitas
3rd - Isabella Driver

Grade 4
1st - Lucie McGhee
2nd - Josef Keller
Equal 3rd - Olivia Dabboussy and   

Iris-Eve Petrovski
Most Improved - Maria Angelidis Demetriou

Grade 8
Equal 1st - Melissa Petrovska and Sophia Zagas

Intermediate Foundation
1st - Rachel Frecker
2nd - Annabelle Sharan
3rd - Ellise Psiroukis
4th - Athena Demetriou
Encouragement Award - Eva-Maria Borg
Most Improved - Marina Kato

Advanced 1
1st - Kieran O'Grady
2nd - Carla Grech
3rd - Melissa Petrovska

Advanced 2
1st - Tina Moss
2nd - Annalise Kafetzi and Jasmine Penning


Enrollment Day

Enrollment day for new students is:


Date:     Thursday 28th January 2016

Time:     5pm till 8pm

Venue:  12 Norman Ave, Dolls Point.


Enrollment forms can be found on the Enrollments page of this website.

Deidre Bronner School of Ballet Scholarship Results

Wednesday and Thursday Babies

1st - Charlotte Dunimagloski

2nd - Jean Carey

Saturday Babies

1st - Devina Ralevski

2nd - Annabeth Toovey


1st - Idalia Kouros

2nd - Emma Frecker

3rd - Maneesha Bradley

4th - Ariana Makaroff


1st - Lenora Devine

2nd - Stella Hudson

3rd - Rhianna Kourmarelas

4th - Theea Ene

Grade 1

1st - Caprice Nataly

2nd - Katherine Pavlaskis

3rd - Summer Douar

4th - Ashley Roman & Isabella Driver

Grade 2

1st - Mary Papanikitas

2nd - Olivia Rickie

3rd - Claire Smith

Grade 3

1st - Lucie McGhee

2nd - Josef Keller

3rd - Iris Eve Petrovski

4th - Tea Psiroukis

Grade 4

1st - Ellise Psiroukis

2nd - Athena Demetriou & Eva-Maria Borg

3rd - Isabelle Tan

Grade 5

1st - Rachel Frecker

2nd - Annabelle Sharan


1st - Abbey Field

2nd - Alyssa Kafetzi

Advanced Foundation

1st - Rhiannon Tringas

2nd - Charlotte Jones

3rd - Sophia Zagas

Advanced 1

1st - Claudia Dutton

2nd - Jasmine Penning

3rd - Tina Moss

Advanced 2

1st - Lauren Brereton

2nd - Carla Grech


Deidre Bronner School of Ballet Concert

The 2015 Concert will be on Friday 4 September 2015 with the rehearsal on Tuesday 1 September 2015. 


As you will note this is different to previous date listed on the website.


As a weekend was unavailable for a matinee we thought a Friday night would be better than the middle of the week during school term, as there are two more weeks of school after the Concert.

St George Eisteddfod

Deidre Bronner School of Ballet had some great results at the St George Eisteddfod.




Open Age - 2nd place

16 years - HC

16 years - HC

12 years - 2nd



16 years - HC

12 years - HC



For all solo results refer to the Eisteddfod page