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Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and evenings and all day Saturdays. Class times vary slightly from year to year.


The RAD Grade and Major Syllabus is taught and examined each year.

Annual Scholarships are awarded to promising students. Last year $2,000 was given to Major Students to be used towards fees.

Students taking up positions in overseas schools are given scholarships to help them along.


Annually there is a concert which gives the children a chance to work together in production and also to perform on stage.


Children accepted from 3 years.

Talented children who are interested are invited to do eisteddfod work.


Teachers are fully registered with the Royal Academy of Dance.


Theatre Class Groups have always had outstanding succession competitions throughout the metropolitan area including the City of Sydney Performing Arts Challenge.





  • Navy blue sleeveless leotard,cotton or Lycra

  • Babies - pale pink or pale blue leotards Pink nylon stretch ballet tights

  • Black or pink leather ballets with pink elastics across instep

  • Hair in bun

  • Navy cross-over or studio jackets for warmth in winter.


Timetable Term 1 2019



Dancing is something any child can be taught to appreciate regardless of whether he or she has the potential to become a professional dancer. It encourages in children musicality, discipline and good posture as well as the sheer joy of learning to dance.


The students have a very high record of success. Every year Championships and Scholarships are won at many eisteddfods. Many students also win medals and placing at the City of Sydney Performing Arts Challenge.


Former students have been accepted to may selective and national and international schools, including:

  • The Australian Ballet School

  • Palucca Schule Dresden

  • The New Zealand Ballet School

  • Vienna Opera Ballet School

  • Joffrey Ballet Theatre NY

  • Ajkun Ballet Theatre NY

  • Queensland Dance School of Excellence

  • Munich Ballet School

  • Interstate Associates of the Australian Ballet

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